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Brick & European Summer Series Selection Camp

Brick & European Summer Series Selection Camp (2008 Edition)

Cost $210.00 plus HST cheque
Cost $216.30 plus HST online
Toronto, Ontario
December 22nd, 2017

We have two camps to aid us in the selection of our players.

The first is our Regional Evaluation Camp in August. The second is our "Final Selection Camp" on December 22nd in Toronto at Westwood Arena.

In both camps, we evaluate players for both our BRICK team and our Euro Tour team (Italy - Includes Venice, Padua, Verona and Bolzano).

4 teams * 4 games guaranteed * 45 min game length * Sweater and socks * Buffet lunch * Music all games * MVP each game * Team Selections for Brick and Euro Tour Teams

At "Program Registration", Choose... "Brick Selection & Euro Tour Camp"

For More Information Contact:

Vickie Hofford


Phone: 416-271-0755