Luggage & Equipment

Baggage fees are not included in tour cost and will be each traveler's responsibility. Each airline has different baggage restrictions. Typically, but certainly not in all cases, you may check one piece of luggage, with a weight limit of 50lbs. and linear dimensions no more than 62", for free. Additional checked bags are usually around $50 each way. Most airlines allow a carry on piece as well.

A team stick bag will be available to accommodate all players’ sticks on the flights. Players should bring their sticks to the airport taped together to facilitate this process. The coach or team representative will be responsible for the stick bag.


Pro Shops in Western European rinks are typically not as well equipped as the rinks we are used to in the US and Canada. Equipment and stick selections are often limited and prices can be high. Players should also have enough tape to last them the duration of the trip. Spare sets of laces, blades, helmet hardware, etc. are advised.

Hockey Bag... It will be considered a second piece of luggage which will mean extra costs. You may want to try and keep the contents of the bag under 50 lbs by limiting unnecessary items which tend to accumulate.

3 Sticks & 3 Pucks... Although your team will provide a stick bag, it may not work out for you, if you are leaving from another city for example. Again, be prepared to pay extra. We advise bringing 3 sticks and to help out your team, please bring 3 pucks. Remember... lots of tape!

Extra Blades... It is also recommended that you bring a sharpened pair of replacement blades to accompany your son's or daughter's sharpened skates. Most hockey speciality stores in the US and Canada will carry replacement blades. Make sure they are sharpened and you learn how to replace them. You should also bring along the tools required (if necessary) for replacement. Remember... that extra set of laces!


Forgetting to secure the locker or dressing room door... Forgetting your jerseys or skates or sticks at the hotel... These are recipes for disaster. It doesn't just hurt you, it hurts your team.

It is in everyone's best interests to look out for each other. It's called "The Buddy System". Don't feel pushy to ask your buddies if they have remembered to bring everything or to "lock up". Don't feel ashamed if you are spending another 2 minutes to make sure you have every piece of your equipment and sticks loaded on the bus. That may include a fresh towel and change of clothes.

Furthermore, although there will be a team representative assigned to lock up equipment, there may be times when you are "the last one out the door", or assigned to retrieve or put something in a lock up room. Be responsible. Take charge. Ask for help, if you need it.

Travel Documents, Money & Electronics... If your hotel room does not have a safe, there will be lock boxes available at the front desk. It is recommended to secure your valuables when not on your person.