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2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011
Birth Years




Each Event will host 8-12 teams and each team will play a minimum of 5 games.


(5-Game Guarantee)

2008 & 2009

Cowgirl Shootout

(2008 Edition)
May 13-16, 2021

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Team Hockey Training Boston MA

Vancouver, BC

(5-Game Guarantee)

2007 & 2008

The War For the Roses

2007 & 2008 Editions
August 16-21. 2021

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Las Vegas

(5-Game Guarantee)

2009 & 2010

Queens Of Vegas

July 6 - 9, 2021

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Private Hockey Training Boston MA


(5-Game Guarantee)


OC Freeze Out

(2010 Edition)

July 15-18, 2021

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Pro Hockey Development Group and The Boston Jr. Bruins Announce The ROSE Series of Female Hockey Events - BOSTON, Mass / TORONTO, Ontario (October 4, 2019)

Pro Hockey Development Group, The Boston Jr. Bruins and a host of other hockey groups from across North America are expanding their offerings to include the addition of Girls Ice Hockey Tournaments into a member group named...  The ROSE Series of Events.

Beginning in Spring 2020, The ROSE Series will be hosting four Girls Hockey tournaments in select locations in Canada and the USA. They are:

  • The Cowgirl Shootout (2008 Edition) - Nashville, TN, May 14th-17th, 2020;
  • "War For The Roses" (2007 Edition) - Edmonton, Alberta, July 6th to 10th, 2020;
  • Queen's of Vegas (2009 Edition) - Las Vegas NV, July 14th-17th, 2020;
  • O.C. Freezeout (2010 Girls Edition) - Anaheim, CA, July 16th-19th, 2020.

"The timing is right to offer girls the opportunity to form the same experience, the same memories and the same friendships that the boys have had over the last four years at the phenomenally successful BRICK Series events across North America"
- Chris Masters, The ROSE Series Co-Founder

The ROSE Series will provide Female Participants, teams and families great competition on the ice and life-long memories and friendships.  While the players in the events will be some of the most talented in each of their age groups, the tournaments are about celebrating the excitement and pleasure of the game itself.

About The Host Cities...

Edmonton... The West Edmonton Mall is the location of our Premier event showcasing the "Best of the Best" 2007 Born female hockey players from across North America. It follows in the footsteps and format of the phenomenally successful boys BRICK Invitational. Edmonton is also a short ride to the Rocky Mountains, a great family experience.

Nashville... is a music lover's dream. Along the main strip you cannot walk more than a few feet without finding a talented band playing everything from country, classic rock and top forty, all of that with Southern BBQ wafting through the air.

Anaheim... is the home of Disney World, minutes from world class beaches, and close to Hollywood. You may bump into a celebrity doing your tour!

Las Vegas... is the world’s show capital... Cirque du Soleil, Top Music Headliners and endless Talent Shows are available for whole families to enjoy.

"The girl's events offer parallel experiences to our boy's... top teams, a limited field, and a schedule that provides plenty of opportunity to experience these world class cities.

The boys love the hockey and these great cities. We expect our girls and their families will too."
- Vickie Hofford, The ROSE Series Co-Founder



As of mid October 2019, the ROSE Series includes a number of members representing their respective regions...

  • Pro Hockey Development Group - Ontario, Canada
  • Boston Jr. Bruins - Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.
  • Connecticut Jr. Rangers - Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.
  • Chicago AAA Elite - Illinois
  • Minnesota Blades - Minnesota
  • Team Quebec - Quebec
  • Manitoba - Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Also included are Wild Card Teams to fill out the tournaments. These teams may be evaluated to determine possible inclusion in the membership group. 


The ROSE Series was borne out of a need to elevate the spring and summer tournament circuit for girls, and prepare teams for 
their "War Of The Roses" year in Edmonton.

All teams in The ROSE Series divisions at each event location have at minimum, a 5 game guarantee.

The ROSE Series is also designed so that players, parents and families will not just see an airport, hotel and rink.

The ROSE Series allocates priority game start times so players and families have free time away from the rink each day to take in all the sights that host cities offer.

The ROSE Series Mission ensures that participating teams, players and families experience great hockey and great times in our host cities.


The ROSE Series is currently limited to age groups three years (2010, 2009, 2008) prior to
 our premiere event, "The War For The Roses" (2007 Edition).

Teams interested in becoming a part of The ROSE Series as a full-time participating group, or as a “Wild Card” team can contact us.


(416) 271-0755
Vickie Hofford

Hockey Camps Detroit MI

Elite Hockey Training Boston MA
Elite Hockey Training Boston MA
Elite Hockey Training Boston MA
Elite Hockey Training Boston MA
Elite Hockey Training Boston MA
Elite Hockey Training Boston MA
Elite Hockey Training Boston MA