2015 Boys Coaching

Pro Hockey 2015 Elite SALVATORE

Head Coach, Justin Salvatore

Coach Justin... has been a part of our team for the past 5 years. He is a co-owner and 
founder of Salvatore Hockey Development dedicated to bringing value to both players and goalies
in a positive and encouraging way. With his focus and passion to develop young athletes, we recruited him
as a coach for our 2022 BRICK team. We are not surprised by the success he had with his 2015 team in 2023.
We look forward to his continued success as head coach in 2024.

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Pro Hockey 2015 Elite BOZIOS

Head Coach, Steven Bozios

Coach Steven... is a GTHL AAA and Junior Hockey alumnus. Steven has been coaching in the GTHL for the last 4
years and is currently a Head Coach within the Don Mills Flyers AAA Organization. He is a positive and passionate
coach who strives to develop and push his players to reach their highest potential. We wish him all the best.

Assistant Coach, Danil Antropov

Coach Danil…. is a 4-Year OHL Alumnus and currently plays for the USPORTS Toronto Metropolitan University.
2024 marks Danil's second year with Pro Hockey running camps and coaching our spring and summer teams.
His passion is to help his players reach their fullest potential by teaching and guiding them in the right direction.
By the time they get to the junior level, they will know what is expected of them.

With their positive presence on the bench and at the rink, we expect Steven and Danil's team to excel.

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Pro Hockey 2015 AAA SALVATORE

Head Coach, Justin Salvatore 

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Vickie Hofford

Phone: (416) 271-0755